No watch

You might remember that early on in the month we spoke about a nippy little iPod and iPad app called Rewatch, which looked like being a very snazzy way of downloading iPlayer content down onto your favourite mobile device. We were very much looking forward to having a look at it, but that’s all over now, as the BBC have thrown down a Cease and Desist order on makers Camiloo.

The app promised integration with Twitter in a way which completely befuddled us; not only could we have commentary automatically pulled in from other people who’d viewed the show, but it would check the times they were posted so that they wouldn’t reveal spoilers. How neat would that have been? Very neat, is the answer. Anyway, as you can see if you check out the Rewatch site here: ‘Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to release rewat.ch.’ Bah.

‘It took us by surprise, because we were in communication with someone high up at the BBC,’ said Mark Newby, MD of Camiloo, to Electric Pig. ‘It seems strange that we weren’t allowed to do it for iPhone.’

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