No surprises

Well, chalk this one up in the 'non-shocking' column. As widely expected, America's biggest mobile network, Verizon Wireless, announced a couple of hours ago it's going to start selling the iPhone. This is the first time Americans have been able to stick their iDevice on a network other than AT&T.

And, well... that's pretty much it. We had hoped that Verizon's iPhone might be backing a few new features, which would give us a sense of where things are headed with the iPhone 5. But, no such luck. Apart from a few tweaks - needed to make the phone work on Verizon's weird CDMA network - it's the same beast we've known, loved and hyperventilated about since last summer.

Well, there is one change - on the software side. The Verizon iPhone can work as a mobile hotspot for up to five 'tethered' devices, giving computers or digital cameras access to the mobile web. The current iPhone 4 can only tether one device at a time. We don't know if this is a Verizon-only thing; but as Engadget notes, the V-Phone is running iOS 4.2.5, a step up from the current phone's software, so it's possible the extra function is coming to all of us soon enough.

Still, not exactly a ten-megapixel camera, is it? Oh well, there should be a real new iPhone announced in June...

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