No more lying on the phone

VoIP phone service (that’s Voice over IP, for the dunces out there) Fring has launched the first ever internet video calls service for Nokia phones, which allows people with Fring accounts (we can’t bear the thought of using ‘Fringsters’ like some berks do) to have vid chats with mates. Best of all, it also lets you do the same with your Skype contacts. Nifty, no?

The update – which is available to anyone with a Nokia X6, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia N97, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N95 8GB and Nokia N95 phone – comes embedded in the Fring app.

So far, so bad for those without those phones. However, the chances are that they’re going to pull their fingers out and create an app for you iPhone, Android and Symbian owners out there. There’s money in it after all. Soon the whole world will cursing the day their partner could see them while they lie about being at work to them from outside the pub.

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