There's life in the old dog yet. For weeks, doom-mongers have been furrowing their brows about Nintendo's sagging sales. Games blog Kotaku wrote a few weeks ago about 'The Wii's Decline in the US,' noting the console had sold significantly less so far this year than in 2009 or 2008. And a few weeks ago the company announced they'd made a loss between April and September, their first for several years.

Well, one good Black Friday won't turn that around overnight, but still, this has to be good for the big 'N'. Nintendo say they sold a whopping 1.5 million Wii and DS units last week, as customers took advantage of retailers' traditional offers in the US the weekend after Thanksgiving. To put that in perspective, they only sold about 11 million units in the whole of April-September.

The bad news is for people thinking about buying a Wii or DS - the improved sales make a price cut still less likely...

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