The Nintendo wiifit yoga mat that sports a lime green tint

By now nearly everyone will have see pictures of the Wii, with people jumping around and swinging their arms wildly controlling actions of their screen and nearly everyone will have see the Wii fit sports game which allows people to train in their own home practising balance, fitness and strength with excellent mini-games designed to test poise, balance and technique.

The latest addition to this series is the Nintendo wiifit yoga mat that sports a lime green tint and is going to make the whole process much more comfortable and appealing to a large section of the twenty two million people who have already bought the Wii fit game.

The Wii fit yoga mat is designed like a normal yoga mat except that is extra long to allow for the Wii fit balance board to be accommodated. It fits near the top of the mat which means people can comfortably move between mat and board on the plush padded latex cotton microfibre weave.

Just like normal yoga mats the Wii fit mat will soak away sweat and can be washed if it starts to get a bit smelly.

As the Wii fit and Wii fit plus series offer over thirty yoga positions to try at home including the Half Moon Pose, The Warrior Pose and the Tree Pose. The Nintendo wiifit yoga mat sports edition is the ideal companion peripheral.

It affords the user more room than normal mats which is ideal for moving between poses that require you to use the Wii's balance board in different ways.In conclusion this mat offers everything you will need to practice yoga under the tutelage of your own Wii at home.

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