Nintendo Wii system - all you need to know

The Nintendo Wii system stormed onto the scene November 19th 2006. A lot of hardcore gamers thought that it would just be a silly gimmick and that it wouldn't last. Turns out that the opposite was true in this case.

Nintendo have always been great at making gaming fun. Yes you won't get an ultra-realistic game on this platform but that's not what they are about. Nintendo wanted to bring family and fun to the forefront and they have succeeded.

Nearly every household now has a Nintendo Wii and it isn't just the kids playing. In fact, a new trend in pubs across the UK has started. They set up the Nintendo Wii and put on the latest release of Wii Sports or some kind of dance game and people go nuts, they love it.

As far as Nintendo are concerned, they have hit a home run with this machine. They are constantly competing for the best sales with the Playstation and the Xbox so they are happy.

For a lot of other gamers this isn't the case. Nintendo have had some great games, mainly the usual suspects, the Marios, the Zeldas etc. The problem with this is that the system has a lot of really low quality party games, you could say the system is flooded with them.

If you are looking for shooters and other more adult games then avoid this console, if it's a fun, family experience you are looking for then by all means, go Wii. They have lots of great games but you will have to sift through a pretty big pile of bad ones to find them.

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