Nintendo Wii Stock Update

"Wii" all remember the nintendo Wii stock madness that hit in the summer of 2008 don't we? The Wii was on its way to becoming the fastest selling console of all time and everyone wanted one for their nearest and dearest for Christmas. Which led to a big problem which has plagued Nintendo ever since with the console. They just cannot make enough of them.

Lately the situation has improved with a more efficient manufacturing and shipping process leading to Nintendo Wii's being an awful lot more readily available then ever before.

The demand is still there though and certain times of the year you still have to keep an eye on stock levels and grab them while you can. Of course ordering online from retailers is the best method for securing your Wii as most manufacturers are reserving stock for their internet customers and even, in some case giving web customers preference.

If however you can not stand waiting for your Wii to be delivered your first port of call should be a phone book and call every retailer in town starting nearby and panning out when you find one that's in stock ask them to hold it for you for 24 hours, most retailers will happily do this. Once you have your Wii held all you need to do is get in, pay for it, bring it home and plug it in.

If they are sold out everywhere you look though do not despair as I said above Nintendo's manufacturing and shipping process is much better nowadays and they will be back in stock soon.

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