Nintendo Wii stock levels.

Who doesn't have a Nintendo Wii? that is a tough question to answer these days. It seems everyone and their cat has one. For this reason and some manufacturing problems retailers find it very hard to keep Nintendo Wii stock on their shelves.

Many people have a nightmare trying to secure a wii for an all important birthday present or event so I always advise people to plan ahead when buying a Wii. The earlier you start looking the more likely you are to find one, so get out there and start making phone calls right away if you want to avoid disappointment.

The Wii is a great console, there is truly nothing else like it on the market, this perhaps is why everyone wants one so bad. When you decide like the others that the Nintendo Wii is the console for you. You may find that finding one available is a lot harder then you would of thought.

I reccomend calling all the retailers in your area initially, they will usually hold one for you or, if they have an order on the way in put it on hold for you. Failing that Ebay is your best friend as online retailers have higher stock levels and you will often find that there are a lot more Nintendo wii's available online then on your high street.

When you finally get your hands on a Wii it will of all been worthwhile. It is a fantastic console with an impeccable library of games for all the family to enjoy!

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