Where to find Nintendo Wii special offers

The Nintendo Wii was first released in 2006, following on from Nintendo's popular GameCube console.  Whereas the Wii's main competitors, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 focused on increased power and graphics, the Wii took everyone by surprise, moving in a new direction. Using its reputation as the most fun and family friendly of the three, the Nintendo Wii introduced motion sensitive controls, ideal for younger gamers and party situations.

In addition to this innovating new system, the Wii retained the ability to play Gamecube games, making the transition between consoles easy for those that wanted to make the switch.  Initially available in white only, Nintendo later released additional colours including red, black, silver and lime green.

Where To find Nintendo Wii special offers

Not only does the Wii have a niche of its own, but it is also cheaper than its rivals. That said, there are still plenty of special offers available for those that know where to look.

The website www.wii-bundles.com examines the best deals currently on the market by judging the amount of free Wii games and hardware packages that come along with the initial purchase.  Acting as a price comparison site for the Nintendo Wii, this website should be one of your first port of calls if you are looking for the best Nintendo Wii deal.

If you're looking specifically for Nintendo Wii games and software, you might want to consider visiting retail websites and checking to see if there are any special offers sections.  Doing this manually can take a long time, as most sites change their offers on a weekly or even daily basis, but with enough patience, you could walk away with a bargain.  To start you off, why not visit the Gameplay special offers page at the following link: http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/nintendo-wii/special-offers/_/WII/special.html?cm_sp=24-7-specials-_-nav-_-WII.

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