We examine Nintendo Wii sales figures for December 2009


Already the most successful console of this generation, the Nintendo Wii has been a runaway success with critics and players alike. The console has managed to introduce a whole new audience to the joys of video gaming thanks to its unique control system where player movements are translated into in game actions, an interface that has meant that people who had never dreamt of playing games before could now jump right in and see what all the fuss was about.

The Nintendo Wii sales figures for December 2009 placed the company far ahead of the chasing pack, with an astonishing 3,810,000 consoles sold worldwide in that month alone. December sales are always a great indicator of the popularity of a console due to the close proximity to the Christmas period, traditionally the highest selling time of the year for the games industry.

Nintendo dominated the market for that month, with their handheld console, the Nintendo DS, managing to sell 3,310,000 units in total, more than twice the number of units shifted by the third best selling console for that time period, Sony's PlayStation 3.

Launched in 2006 in Japan and 2007 in America and Europe, the PlayStation 3 has taken quite a while to reach the sales figures Sony had initially hoped for (even now in May 2011 it is still slightly behind sales of the Xbox 360, although Microsoft's system had almost two years' head start).

December 2009 saw the PS3 shift a total of 1,360,000 consoles worldwide, while the Xbox 360 was just behind it with 1,310,000. Sony's handheld console, the PSP, took fifth place with a disappointing 654,700 sales, while the ageing PlayStation 2 rounded up the sales chart with 333,200 sales - an impressive figure for a console that was fast approaching its 10th birthday at that stage.

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