Nintendo Wii remote controller; all you need to know

A Nintendo Wii remote controller is the life blood of the Nintendo Wii. There is so much the console has to offer and it all revolves around this brilliant little remote controller. Nintendo have always been know for innovation and they have hit it out of the park with the Wiimote.

When you look at gaming nowadays, all of the big money makers are based around motion controlled games. We have Nintendo to thank for this. As soon as companies like Microsoft and Sony realised the potential of motion controlled gaming they had to jump on board.

Motion controlled gaming is so powerful that Microsoft 'Kinect' motion controller has pumped some serious life into this now ageing console. The 360 has been around for years now and just as it looked like it was down for the count the Kinect made them a mint!

The Wiimote was the first of the bunch and has had to evolve to keep up with Sony and Microsoft. As soon as they realised that competition was on the way a vast amount of improvements were made to the Wiimote. They added the 'Wii motion plus' so that they could make the Wiimote 1 to 1. Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board came onto the scene.

The Nintendo Wiimote is one of the most clever pieces of technology to have ever come out. It seems to have endless possibilities and expansion. Nintendo have always been trend setters and with the Wiimote they have truly hit a home run.

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