Nintendo Wii prices have dropped, here's the latest deals

Nintendo Wii prices are very low, at least according to Nintendo that is. One of their key selling points was the fact that it is the cheapest console on the market. The problem really is the fact that you need to buy so much more to ensure that you have the experience you want.

With the Nintendo Wii being a real multi-player console, you need a lot of extra peripherals that can really jack up the price. Luckily the price has finally gone down on the controllers and other add ons so it's a little bit lighter on the wallet.

Nintendo have some great console bundle deals, free games or an extra controller so this is a great way to start building your set up. Shops like Gamestop get some killer deals from Nintendo so be sure to look them up before you make a purchase.

As far as peripherals go, they have dropped price across the board. Pretty much every game store has had the same update so you should be able to save a tidy bundle on extras.

If you really want to get peripherals cheap though, eBay is your best friend. They have a tonne of great low cost add ons. Anything from controls to nunchucks, motion plus to balance boards, they are always on eBay for seriously low prices.

Once you are fully stocked and ready to go the Wii can be a great system. There is lots of fun to be had and it really is great for family nights or boozy nights with your mates.

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