We check out Nintendo Wii price comparison bundles

Since launching in 2006, the Nintendo Wii has taken the world of gaming by storm, capturing the hearts of both gamers and non gamers alike. Since announcing the successor to the Wii, the Wii U, Nintendo have slashed the price of their killer console, meaning there are a fantastic array of Nintendo Wii price comparison bundles available right now. So in this blog, we're going to check them out!

In May, Nintendo officially dropped the price of the Wii console down to just £99 in an attempt to stimulate some final sales. A lot of retailers have taken this as their cue to step in with some fantastic bundle offers, meaning there are a host of bargains to be found for the savvy consumer out there. The first of these bargains we recommend you check out is Amazon offering the Wii Black console for just £99.99 with Wii Sports Resort and a Motion Plus Wiimote.

If you'd rather go to a store on the High Street and pick up a Wii today, then we suggest you check out Comet, as they are the cheapest store for the Wii. They are offering a fantastic bundle featuring a Black Wii console, Wiimote with motionplus, Wii Sports and Mario Kart Wii. You get all of these for a bargain £129.99, making an outstanding offer.

Fancy snagging a Wii console for free? Of course you do! The Carphone Warehouse are offering a free Wii console to anyone who buys a mobile phone with a contract. You will get the white Wii Console with Wii Sports Resort. So check them out for this great offer!


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