Where can you get the best Nintendo Wii price?

Fancy picking up Nintendo's outstanding Wii console for a brilliant price? This console still has plenty of life left in it, despite the recent announcement of it's successor, the Nintendo Wii U. There is a vast library of games waiting to be explored, so if you fancy picking one up, we've got all of the best Nintendo Wii price right here.

Since Nintendo slashed the price of the Wii to below £100, retailers have matched their generous offer with some outstanding offers of their own. This means the Nintendo Wii has never been a more attractive proposition for people to buy. If you want to pick one up, then we recommend heading to Game on the high street to check out their amazing Wii offers. The store are offering the Black Nintendo Wii console and Wii Remote Plus (includes Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort) for a bargain £114.99.

If they happen to be out of stock, then we recommend checking out John Lewis, who are running the same offer, except it costs £5 extra, coming in at £119.

If you want to get fit using your Wii, then we've found an outstanding bundle offer from Simply Games. They are currently offering the Wii Console in Black with Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus, and a Wii Fit Balance board. You get all of these excellent titles for just £174.99. You can find this bundle at simplygames.com.

Amazon is also a haven for Nintendo Wii bargains, offering the console for a delightful £99 featuring the revolutionary Wii Motion Plus.


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