Finding the right Nintendo Wii packages

So you want to buy a Nintendo Wii, what package would you like? do you need a second Wiimote? how about the Wiimote plus? what games do you need? Do you want to buy batteries every few weeks for your Wiimotes or do you want a charging station?

These are all very important questions to consider when considering your Nintendo Wii package. The console has so many peripherals (controllers, fitness devices, charging stations etc) that it can be a nightmare for someone who has little or no experience with gaming which many Wii purchasers don't.

The Nintendo Wii comes with a copy of Wii sports and a Wiimote/nunchuck included after that its important to look for a good package so that you can get the best deal. Many game retailers will do bundles with fitness controllers such as the WiiFit board saving you a small fortune.

If your not too pushed about the fitness aspect of the Nintendo Wii you can still save a fortune by getting a selection of games free or a second controller. Many people like to get a couple of games straight away for their new console but cannot afford the price of new games. So the bundles are a great solution.

The Nintendo Wii Packages that excite me most though are the limited edition Nintendo ones. Like the 25th Anniversary Mario package they released last year the console was red and came with a copy of Mario's 25th anniversary game which includes all the old Mario games. Magnificent!

So when you are buying a Nintendo Wii just keep a list of what you need it to do and chances are there will be a package to make it cheaper for you.

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