We look for Nintendo Wii packages at the best prices

Now that Nintendo have finally gone public about their plans for the Wii console's successor, things have really started to heat up as retailers slash prices and create custom bundles in order to stimulate sales of the Wii before it gets replaced later this year, or early next year, by Nintendo's brand new console.

Although very little information is currently known about the new system, code named Project Cafe, it is expected that Nintendo will be unveiling all the details at this summer's Electronic Entertainment Expo on Los Angeles, with many predicting that the Japanese company will even go so far as to offer gamers their first look at the system in the flesh, with chances to play the new console for the first time ever.

Unsurprisingly, the market's reaction to these announcements has been to cut the price of existing Wii packages to just £99 for the basic bundle of a Wii console with the games Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, plus a Wii Motion Plus controller. This is almost half the price of the original launch price tag of the machine from when it made its debut back in 2006 to unprecedented demand which ultimately led to massive shortages in stock over the 2006 Christmas period.

Fortunately, despite the price cuts, no such shortages are anticipated this summer, so you should be able to pick yourself up a Wii for a bargain price. The best offers are available at amazon.co.uk and John Lewis who both offer the £99 bundle we mentioned above, while games retailer Game offer the same package with the popular Mario Kart Wii game for £162.99.

Since prices are constantly changing to reflect the latest Project Cafe developments, in order to find Nintendo Wii packages at the best prices we recommend you regularly check prices both online and in stores, as brand new bundles are likely to be added regularly to offer even more savings.

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