Nintendo Wii outsells its rivals in the US

The Nintendo Wii is tops with US gamers, greatly outselling its rivals the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 according to statistics from the NPD Group. All three consoles suffered sales losses in April 2008: Microsoft sold 188,000 Xbox 360s to Sony's 187,100 PS3s but Nintendo was way ahead of its competitors, shifting 714,200 Wiis.

Despite Greenpeace scolding Nintendo for its 'non-existent' environmental policy the console is No1 with American gamers due to the large selection of innovative games available such as Wii Fit.

The top selling title in April was the record breaking Grand Theft Auto IV which sold an unbelievable 1.85m copies followed by Mario Kart on the Wii which shifted 1.12m units.

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