The best Nintendo Wii offers online

It is always the same. Christmas comes upon us out of nowhere and we are left frantically running around trying to find particular gifts at the last minute. With half the shops having run out of stock and the other half putting up their prices, Christmas can turn into a nightmare. Promising yourself year after year to start the gift buying early but never following through is the case for many. But with this handy guide you can at least cross one present off your ever growing list and save yourself some stress. Read on to find the best Nintendo Wii offers this year.

First up is the black Nintendo Wii Console that includes the Wii Sports and the Wii Sports Resort games. As a limited edition sports pack in an impressive jet black colour, this is an ideal console for any avid gamer. The package, which also includes the new and improved Wii Remote Plus for more accurate movements, comes in at just under £120. Take a look at thehut.com for more special offers and delivery times.

For those looking for Nintendo Wii offers for their kids this year, you can't go wrong with the Mario Kart Wii Pack. This is a fun filled game for all the family and includes the white Nintendo Wii, a steering wheel and 1 Wii remote. With the built in Wi-Fi connection you can race people across the world right from your own living room. This package comes in at an even lower price than above at just £115. Not only this but you can collect one from your nearest Tesco - how convenient is that!

And for those who are already thinking of New Years resolutions, the Wii Fit bundle could be the one for you. Not only does this package come with a sleek black console it also has a matching black balance board as well. For only £184.99 you get the matching set of console and balance board, the Wii motion plus controller and the Wii Fit game. With all this at such a reasonable price it will be hard to find an excuse to keep fit this New Year! Check out dixons.co.uk for more amazing offers like this.

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