Getting a sweet price on a Nintendo Wii with Mario Kart

Have you been watching your friends enjoying the manic multiplayer action of Mario Kart in their homes and now you are looking for a piece of the action? Thanks to some unbelievable bundle deals, it is possible to pick up a Nintendo Wii with Mario Kart for an extremely reasonable price, and in this blog we are going to show you where you can do it. So lets hit the grid and find a bargain.

Mario Kart is an iconic video game, bringing joy to gamers for almost 20 years now since the original incarnation back on the Super Nintendo console in the early 90's. The good news is that the Wii version is just as entertaining, and this time you can actually steer your kart using a steering wheel.

Of all the retailers currently offering the Mario Kart bundle, we have found http://www.amazon.co.uk/ to be the cheapest out there, and they also offer free delivery to boot! The online retailing giant is currently offering the Nintendo Wii console for just £109.99, making this an absolute steal. For your money, you get the console, Wii Motion Plus, Mario Kart Wii and the steering wheel accessory.

Another retailer offering a brilliant deal on the console with Mario Kart is HMV, and you can check out their offer at http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?sku=74807WT.mc_id=101689. HMV are offering a White Wii console with Mario Kart and Wheel accessory as well as a Wii Remote Plus for just £110. It also earns you over 10,000 HMV Pure loyalty points which can be traded in for discounts.

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