Nintendo Wii HDMI - Is it possible?

So, you've just got your shiny new Nintendo Wii home, and you're wondering how to hook up this box of tricks in the best possible way. Part of that is establishing if you can use a HDMI Port to connect your new box of tricks to your TV.

Unfortunately, the High Definition revolution passed the Wii by, and the best official connection you can hope for is Nintendo's official multi-coloured 480p component cable. This is a slight improvement over the bog standard scart connection, and will sharpen up the visuals.

However, there are a few "unofficial" ways to boost your Wii's picture even more, and here we're going to outline one of them. It's worth bearing in mind that this method requires some trial and error, it isn't officially supported by Nintendo, so the results may vary according to your TV.

A lot of online retailers stock expensive HDMI to AV adapters, such as Component AV to HDMI. This device will allow you to connect AV products like the Wii to HDMI displays such as expensive LCD TV's.

The internet is a mine of information on this topic as many users on AVforums.com have tried this method with varying levels of success. The good news is, trying out this method of connection won't do any damage to your Wii, and if it doesn't work, it's simply a matter of unplugging the connection and going back to a standard one.

Hopefully this blog will help you improve your Wii viewing experience!

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