Buy Nintendo Wii Controllers

Working out your Requirements

Prior to searching for the best deal on Nintendo Wii controllers, known as the nunchucks because of their rounded rectangle shape, you need to work out how many controllers you require.

As of September 2011, the Nintendo Wii console is compatible with as many as four controllers at any one time.

Wii remotes can be used for any console, however. If you own two controllers and a Wii buddy of yours also has two, you can simply get your friend to bring his pair over when playing your Wii. This allows you to save on the extra expense of buying a total of four Nintendo Wii controllers.

Finding Wii Controllers in Person

There are two main places you can go to buy your Nintendo Wii controllers — online and in person.

Visit your local high street where stores such as Game and Argos and local marketplaces will contain cheap Nintendo Wii controllers.

Compare the prices that you are able to find on the high street before working out which high street shop selling Wii remotes is cheapest.

Finding Wii Controllers Online

Perform a price comparison web search using websites such as Pricerunner.co.uk, Pricecomparison.co.uk and Xpert4u.co.uk.

Enter the details of the Wii remotes you are looking to buy, including the colour of controller and whether or not you wish to buy a brand new or second hand product.

When buying second hand products, you should visit websites such as Amazon.co.uk, Ebay.co.uk or Gumtree.co.uk and search through the prices available.

Before placing an online order, compare the Internet prices to those found in the high street. Remember to factor in the price of delivery when comparing online prices with those found in high street stores.


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