Different types of Nintendo Wii controller

If you're the proud owner of a brand new Nintendo Wii, then you're in for a treat, as the range of control options available to you is vastly superior to other consoles. There are a huge variety of different Nintendo Wii controller on the market!

The Nintendo Wii comes packaged with a humble Wii-Mote, and until recently, it was the best way to control your games on the system. That's all changed now though, with the advent of the simply stunning "Wii Motion Plus".

This add on, which slots into the bottom of a standard Wii-Mote, produces stunning computer representations of the actions you're performing in real life. To give an example, you can shoot an in-game basketball with a greater range of accuracy thanks to the added sensitivity of the Wii Motion Plus.

It's compatible with a growing number of titles, and in a smart move, Nintendo has decided to package the Wii Motion Plus with a lot of these games, so you don't have to fork out extra!

If you're a fan of playing retro games from the Wii Virtual Console, then Nintendo has you covered too with the release of the Classic Controller Plus.

This controller isn't in any way motion sensitive, it is simply an old-school controller for playing retro titles comfortably. It is brilliant at re-creating the feeling of the Super Nintendo and N64 controllers.

So, no matter what way you like to control your games, the Nintendo Wii has you covered with a range of brilliant control options!

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