We review nintendo wii console wii sports

If you're one of the few people on Earth yet to pick up the Nintendo Wii console Wii Sports bundle then you're in luck, as we're here to ease your decision with our review of the ground-breaking Wii Sports.

We'll start with an impressive stat: Wii Sports is one of the greatest selling games of all time. It pulls off this impressive stat thanks to the fact that it comes bundled with every Wii machine.

You may think that a bundled game represents no more than a glorified tech demo, but you'd be wrong! Wii Sports is a stunning, never before seen game, that has inspired a raft of imitators, and a hugely impressive sequal from Nintendo.

In the game you'll take part in a number of sports, using your brand-new Wii-Mote as your only source of input. Thanks to the Wii's revolutionary controls, you'll swing to deliver golf shots, punch to win a boxing match, and bowl your own strikes.

The accuracy of the motions are stunning, and give a real feeling of actually participating in the sports. In our view, the effect is best conveyed in the Bowling and Baseball games, as they are simple, and easy for a non-gamer to pick up and master.

It's a game that has become a staple at parties around the world, and it's one we think you should pick up today. You won't regret it, especially as the Wii has now dropped down to bargain prices, and there's still no sign of a replacement console on the horizon!

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