The Nintendo Wii console. Wii like it a lot.

The nintendo wii console is great, Wii Love it in fact. Everytime someone asks me what sytem they should go for the Wii is always the first to come to mind.

The beauty of the Nintendo wii console is that it is universal, no-one dislikes it from hardcore gamers to mums and dads, Grandparents and even pets can have some fun with Nintendo's top selling console the wii.

The games are ranged from beutifully simple to mind numbingly complex and all control perfectly using Nintendo's near perfect motion control technology. Weather you like sports games, shooters, a good puzzle game or hardcore horror there is something for you on the console.

Even the design of the Wii is beautiful with an almost retro meets ultra modern look it will look perfect under your new flatscreen tv. You will find when you have a Wii that anyone who sees it wants to have a go.

The Wii has a great online store where you can puchase many games from Nintendo's vast back catalogue touting classics such as Mario, Zelda and even the old sega sonic games so you will be able to take a trip down memory lane.

Another huge aspect of the appeal of the Wii is its "MII" system which allows your avatar to play in many of the games so in Wii Sports resort you get to play as yourself doing awesome stuff.

So whatever your experience with gaming, age or background you want a Nintendo Wii you just don't realize yet. You should have a go on a friends one just to see what all the fuss is about then get out there and get one yourself!

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