Nintendo Wii Console for Sale

Choosing a Console

Consumers looking to buy a Nintendo Wii console for sale must first decide whether or not they want a white or black console. While the white Wii is the original product, released in 2006, the black console was released three years later.

Despite the three year gap, the Nintendo Wii black hosted no technological advances; it was simply the same specification but a different colour.

Buying a Console Alone

Many consumers elect to buy their Nintendo Wii console for sale as an individual item rather than as part of a bundle deal that includes remotes, games and other accessories.

Buying a Wii console alone means that you pay a lower initial cost, so this is a popular choice for people operating on a tight budget who may not be able to afford the initially larger outlay for a bundle.

Buying a Bundle

Nintendo Wii bundles for sale often end up costing the consumer less than buying the console alone.

This is because, although the initial cost is higher, you cannot operate a Wii without at least one remote, while many users find their experience is greatly enhanced with a range of games and accessories.

Commonly, bundles include a Nintendo Wii console and at least one controller and a game.

Examples of bundles include the Nintendo Wii white, Wii remote, Wii wheel and Mario Kart game that can be bought from Amazon.co.uk for £109.99 new and £99.88 used.

Alternatively, consumers can buy a bundle with a Nintendo Wii black, Wii remote plus and Lego Batman for £129.99 with free delivery.


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