Where to get the best Nintendo Wii console deals in the UK

Are you thinking of buying a Nintendo Wii? This brilliant old console is a fantastic one to add to your collection if you haven't purchased it already, and there has never been a time to do it thanks to some recent price drops. We are here to help you out as we check out the best places to find Nintendo Wii console deals in the UK.

Nintendo recently announced a price drop for their Nintendo Wii console down to £99 and it has been reflected by retailers, who have added their own bit of value into all of their bundle deals. A fantastic site for you to check to get the ball rolling is the Wii Consoles site at http://www.wii-consoles.co.uk/. This site rounds up all of the prices for the Wii that retailers in the UK are currently charging, so you can instantly see who is offering the best deal, all with one click! According to the Wii Consoles site it is Amazon who offer the best deals, so lets check them out.

Amazon have a number of Wii console bundles available right now on their site at amazon.co.uk. They offer the Wii console with steering wheel and Mario Kart for £109.99 and they offer a Black Wii Console with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Remote Plus for just £114.99. These two deals are an absolute bargain and are well worth checking out, especially thanks to their free delivery option.

Looking to gain a little extra fitness as you game? We recommend checking out http://www.play.com/ and their Wii Console and Wii Fitness and Balance Board for just £200.

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