Find Nintendo Wii console bundles in black online

The Nintendo Wii console is an excellent entertainment product, which is suitable and, more importantly, fun for all ages. With hundreds of games available, this console will provide you and your family countless hours of fun. Moreover, you can choose to buy accessories for it, such as the Wii Balance Board, which will help you get in better shape while having lots of fun.

The Nintendo Wii console can be bought either in white or black and you can choose to save some money by purchasing it as part of a bundle, either with a game or with the Wii Balance Board. If you are interested in the black edition, here are some places where you can purchase Nintendo Wii console bundles in black online.

Good value Nintendo Wii console bundles in black are also available at play.com. For a total price of £229.99, you will get the Nintendo Wii console with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort plus Mario Kart Wii, including the Wii Wheel. This bundle is available for free delivery and it is usually dispatched in 24 hours.

If you want your bundle to include the Wii Balance Board, you can find an offer at gamesbasement.co.uk. The price of the bundle is £184.99 and it includes the Nintendo Wii console in black with Wii Sports Resort as well as a Motion Plus Controller and the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board. You also get free delivery on this offer with next day dispatch.

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