The best Nintendo wii console bundle

The Nintendo Wii console bundle is the only way to go when it comes to buying one of these bad boys. Nintendo have a great way of proclaiming how inexpensive their machine is but when you tack on the price of the necessary add-ons, it is not so cheap any more!

While the console by itself comes at a relatively cheap price the peripherals are what get you. With the the standard pack you now get your Wii console, one nunchuck, one Wiimote, Wii motion plus and Wii resort. Sounds pretty good huh? Let's break it down a bit more.

The purpose of the Wii is to bring people together. The idea was that they would bridge the gap between non-gamers and hardcore gamers. To get people playing together and enjoying gaming. Great idea right? Now what's wrong with the standard bundle? ONE CONTROLLER!

It just seems ludicrous that they would would put so much emphasis on the multiplayer aspect and give you only one controller to play with. Even the fact that you get Wii Resort with it adds insult to injury. Yes some games can be played by passing the controller but not most.

To make this a multiplayer experience you need the Wiimote for £35, the Wii motion plus for £35 and the nunchuck for £20. That's nearly £100 just to make it 2 player. What if you want to make it four player? Add another £200 to the £100 you just paid. The list goes on.

The only way to really make a Wii worth buying is to grab a decent bundle offer from somewhere like Gamestop. This way you can at least get a couple of games for free or maybe a second controller set up.

The console is great fun to play but with so many add-ons and necessities, people really end up shelling out a lot more than they may have thought. Crafty Nintendo, buy the Nintendo Wii console bundle, it's the only thing you can really do!

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