Buying a Nintendo Wii cheap

The Nintendo Wii has come down in price a lot lately, making it an ever more appealing purchase for many people and giving it a rise in popularity. As retailers scramble to offer the best deals, here are some of the some of the best current places that you can get a Nintendo Wii for cheap prices from.

Supermarkets have become surprisingly big players in the selling of consoles and games, often massively undercutting specialist retailers to secure sales. With that in mind Tesco is currently one of the best places to buy a Wii from, as they are selling a Wii with Mario Kart for just £115, and this offer is available both in store and online.

Amazon.co.uk are almost always a good bet for buying low price consoles, and the Wii is no exception. They have a similar offer to Tesco, with a Wii plus Wii Sports Resort for £114.99. However, if you don't mind buying a pre-owned console, then there are Amazon marketplace sellers offering it from as low a £69.99.

For even better prices, take a look at eBay, as while their offers are always changing, there are currently people selling new Nintendo Wii's from as low as around £80 and pre-owned ones for even less. It's always worth being cautious when buying from ebay though, by checking the seller's feedback and carefully reading the item description to ensure that there is nothing misleading about it.

If these prices are still too high then it may be worth waiting till after Christmas, as there will likely be even better prices in the January sales.

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