Find Nintendo Wii Bundles Prices

Why Choose a Bundle?

Although they are, at first, more expensive, Nintendo Wii bundles prices often allow you to make a longer term saving.

This is because consumers that buy bundles obtain all of the equipment they need to get started playing their Wii and making the most of their console from day one.

Customers who buy just a console alone, for example, need to later buy at least one Wii remote and one Wii game in order to start playing their console.

Commonly, once a consumer has bought a Wii with a remote and at least one game, they later find they want to buy more accessories and games.

If you think it is likely that you will want to buy two or more remotes, a Wii wheel or a Wii board as well as at least two games, you will definitely make a saving when buying a bundle rather than buying items separately.

Finding Nintendo Wii Bundles Prices

You can find prices for Wii bundles in two main ways: on the high street and on the Internet.

Visit gaming shops such as Game, HMV, Gamestation, Tesco and Argos to compare the prices of Nintendo Wii bundles.

As of September 2011 you can buy a Nintendo Wii white, a Wii remote, Wii wheel and Mario Kart for £114.99 at Game stores, for example.

Compare this price to those you are able to find online, using comparison websites such as Dooyoo.co.uk or Pricerunner.co.uk.

A Nintendo Wii black, a Wii motion plus remote, Wii sports and Wii sports resort is available in a bundle on Pricerunner.co.uk, which links through to Dixons.co.uk, as of September 2011.


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