Nintendo: sellouts

There's been a degree of uncertainty about the prospects for Nintendo's 3DS in the months building up to its launch. Is it too expensive? Do people really want 3D that much? Is it powerful enough? Will it melt your children's eyes?

Well, now it's out and none of this seems to be worrying the general public. Nintendo say that sales of the 3DS on Monday - its first day on sale in the US - were the highest of any Nintendo handheld. That's more 3DS sold on day one than Game Boys, Game Boy Colors, Game Boy Advances or DS's. It seems Nintendo's commercial instincts are as strong as ever.

Unless... well, the 3DS has been a long time in coming. The last real new handheld platform from Nintendo was the DS, which first came out way back in 2004. So it's fair to say there's a good bit of pent-up demand for this one. The question is, will the strong sales continue?

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