The Nintendo Nunchuk

Nunchuk Features

The Nintendo Nunchuk is light, and is designed so that it can comfortably fit into a user's hand and it comes with a thumb turner. There are two buttons on the Nunchuk - the 'C' and 'Z'. The 'Z' button is square-shaped, and the former is round. The 'Z' button is larger than the 'C'. Nintendo's Nunchuk works together well with the Wii Remote, though the Nunchuk lacks a few functions such as a speaker and pointer.

Wireless Nunchuk

A wireless capability for the Nintendo Nunchuk emerged in 2008. This meant that there was no longer a requirement for the Wii Remote to be connected to the Nunchuk via a cord that was up to four feet long. An LED indicator is activated on the wireless Nunchuk when the user is connected. The wireless Nunchuk has a Lithium Ion battery that is rechargeable.

Motion-Sensing Capability

Both the Nunchuk and Wii Remote are alike with their motion-sensing capabilities. When being used to play games, the Nunchuk and Wii Remote can be used for separate items, such as a sword or shield.

Nunchuk Offers

From Amazon.co.uk there is an official Nintendo Wii Remote Nunchuk Combo Pack, that includes a free silicon case. This is available for £37.99. From tmart.com, there are a wide variety of Nunchuk game controllers available, and all standalone controllers are priced at under £5 each. The official Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Control from Play.com allows for several peripherals to be plugged in, including Nunchuk. This is priced at £35.49.

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