Nintendo names the date

It's been seemingly forever in the coming, but today Nintendo finally officially launched its 3DS portable console at a snazzy event in New York. And there's some exciting news for us Europeans! We get it first! Well, OK, not first, as it's already out in Japan. But we get it before the Americans, which is what really matters, right! Woop woop! We're number one! We're number one!

Ahem. Seriously though, what a difference two days make. The 3DS will be on sale in Europe on March 25, a whole weekend's worth of days before its US launch on March 27. We look forward to the envious looks on our Stateside pal's faces.

But there's a catch. For what we get early, we get at a price. The Americans are set to pay a pleasingly low $249 for the 3DS. At current exchange rates, that ought to leave us in the UK paying about £160. So how much are we going to have to pay? £229! As Endadget puts it, 'ouch!'

Still rip-off or not, we're still pretty excited. The 3D itself could turn out to be just a gimmick, but the idea of a good, more powerful successor to the DS seems just fine on its own. If you're as excited as we are, Engadget has videos, and we'll see you in the queue on the 25th - or maybe down at Cash Converters the day before, pawning all our stuff...

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