Nintendo launches new Wii

Nintendo attempts to maintain a healthy share of the console market with the launch of their latest piece of hardware: the Wii U. Market experts are questioning whether console gaming remains viable given the shift towards more portable forms of gaming.

Nintendo has historic expertise in the market of course. They pioneered console gaming back in the murky digital pre-history era of the 20th century. Their Wii consoles also rejuvenated the industry and made video games fun for the whole family rather than just the teenage nerd who never came out of his (it was usually a he) room.

The market has shifted since then, with the mass successes obtained by games like Angry Birds, configured for a world full of iPad users. Chris Scullion, the online editor of Nintendo-Gamer.net told The Guardian: "Casual gamers have lost interest in Wii and the hardcore gamers lost interest years ago. What they are doing is interesting but it remains to be seen how well they can sell it."

Wii-U attempts to emulate the Wii’s capacity to get families playing together. It has touch pad screens that can be used on their own, or as controllers for a large screen display. Nintendo’s promotional video leads strongly on the theme of trying to bring families together around the console. "One of the challenges we set for ourselves was creating something that will help unite people rather than divide them," the message goes.

If any company can achieve it, it is probably Nintendo, which has a fine record of defying industry predictions and critical scepticism.

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