Nintendo IS good for you

Of the many excuses our parents use to use to try to get us to stop playing video games, the most annoying was 'it's bad for your eyes.' Bad for our brains? Yeah, maybe. But bad for our eyes? While reading is mysteriously OK? Come on.

Now, though, we have the perfect riposte. A 6-year-old boy has had his lazy eye seriously improved by a daily diet of Nintendo DS.

Ben, from Essex, suffers from severe lazy eye syndrome in his right eye. It was getting progressively worse and he risked losing his sight in that eye altogether.

Then his doctor recommended playing two hours of DS a day, with his good eye covered up by a patch. The lazy eye had to work hard to stay focused on the screen, and Ben's vision started to improve!

So the next time your mother/girlfriend/boyfriend/employer tells you to put down the games for fear of going blind, you can tell them you're medically endorsed to stay up all night trying to get to level 12.

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