What were the best Nintendo games ever?

Over the past thirty years Nintendo have continually excelled at releasing stunning games that have broken the mould. We've decided to try our hand at putting together a list of some of the best Nintendo games ever released!

This list is by no means definitive, but direct any criticisms to the comments below!

Super Mario 3 - This game revolutionised platformers, opening the door to endless possibilities for players and game developers alike. Control Mario as he ventures across the Mushroom Kingdom on a quest to rescue the Princess. Captivating from start to finish!

Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time - In our humble opinion this is the greatest video game of all-time. Control Link as he battles across the stunning realm of Hyrule on a mission to depose the evil Gannondorf.This gem from the Nintendo 64 is a meaty adventure, that will take even veteran gamers a long time to complete!

F-Zero X - Another classic from the Nintendo 64 stable. This futuristic racer blends eye-watering speed with some of the most challenging tracks ever seen in a racing game. Like most classics, it's easy to pick up, but almost impossible to put own!

Lylat Wars - Join Fox McLeod and his band of mercenaries as they aim to save the galaxy in this futuristic shooter on the Nintendo 64. This game featured stunning graphics and a punishing single player campaign. Well worth picking up, if you can find it!

Super Mario Galaxy - Our newest entry in the list, this game is as revolutionary as Super Mario 3, tossing most of the conventions you'll find in 3D platformers on their head.Level design, music, playability, everything about this game is pitch-perfect, we can't recommend it enough!

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