The best sites to get Nintendo game reviews

Are you an avid gamer looking to get a few second opinions on games out there from some gaming sites? The internet is a hive of game related sites, as you would imagine, so it can be hard to sift through which are actually trustworthy and provide you with some decent reviews and news! In this blog, we are going to recommend three sites we feel provide the best Nintendo Game Reviews.

Finding a games site that isn't dishing out dodgy scores for games can be a little tough due to the practice in the industry of gaming companies paying for goo reviews. We suggest checking out www.eurogamer.net for a brilliant site that offers a European slant on gaming. This site offers up honest reviews, as well as plenty of news. It is updated daily, and we have always found their ratings to be on the money and trustworthy.

Another site that is always worth a look is www.ign.com. IGN are one of the most well known entertainment sites on the internet, but it was their gaming section that made them famous, and it remains one of the very best out there to this day. They are American-based, but they review games from all around the world, so you will get an idea on games you may have missed out on. They also have multiple reviewers all take a look at the same games, meaning you get more than one opinion on the big titles.

A final site that we consider to be absolutely essential to any game review is the Metacritic site at http://www.metacritic.com/. Meta Critic collates all of the scores of the various games out there, allowing you to get a full idea of just what is out there for each game.

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