All About Nintendo Wii Fit Plus

The Nintendo Wii is a video game console that relies on physical movement from the player.  Released in 2006 as competition to the more graphics-centric consoles the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft XBox 360, the Nintendo Wii can be simultaneously an entertaining party device and an exercise tool.

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus

Realising the potential of their unique system, Nintendo quickly took advantage, releasing a 'game' that is specifically designed as an exercise aid.  Named 'Wii Fit Plus', the game combines both fun and fitness into one product.  Designed to help change how you exercise, balance and move, the Wii Fit Plus is an extension to the original Wii Fit game and as such any former profiles created on the old version can be transferred over.

Wii Balance Board

The Wii Fit Plus requires a Wii Balance Board and it works by reading your real-life movements and simulating them on the screen.  The possibilities for this peripheral include skiiing down a snowy slope or walking across a tight rope - do you have what it takes?

With a host of new training modes as well as the ability to chart your progress and exercise with a friend, the Wii Fit Plus is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy their workout routine!  For a list of all of the available features, visit http://wiifit.com/.

Where To Buy Wii Fit Plus?

Wii Fit Plus can be purchased both with and without the balance board depending on your needs.  Both together, the kit can be quite expensive, but you can buy them for only £60 at the following location: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002BSA3EM/ref=asc_df_B002BSA3EM4528636?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLEtag=googlecouk06-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B002BSA3EM.

If you prefer to auction your way to fitness, you can try searching on eBay for the very best deals.  Here you can buy each part of the package individually or as a whole and if you're patient, you could walk away with a bargain!  To get started, try the following link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=wii+fit+plus_sacat=0&_odkw=nintendo+wii+fit+plus&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313.

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