Nintendo DS Lite: top 3 games reviews

Our Nintendo DS Lite games reviews will point you in the direction of three of the best games available for the DS. These reviews are based on user accounts, expert testing and technological specifications.

Nintendogs - This is a well rounded game that kept us hooked for much longer than we'd expected. The lifelike and extremely lovable pets are easy to fall in love with, while the game interface is easy to use. Train, care for, shop for, walk, play with or simply interact with your furry friend and unlock new accessories, toys and even breeds of dogs. Although it's popular with younger kids, this game really has enough to keep users of all ages satisfied. Our main criticism is the guilt-inducing moment when you switch the game on after a few days away to find that your puppies are "famished", "thirsty" and "dirty".

Brain Age: Train your Brain in Minutes a Day - This well designed puzzle game suggests that it might make you smarter. We're not so sure about that, but we do like the budget price, the clear displays and the compelling nature of the puzzles themselves. The "brain age" feature is also pretty fun. But, as you would expect from this time of game, it does get repetitive quite quickly.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl - This highly addictive role-playing game is nothing new from the Pokémon franchise - but then again, that's what they do best. This is a solid gaming experience, if a little underwhelming. Fans of Pokémon will notice that some of the graphics and soundbites have been recycled from older games.

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