Nintendo DS game downloads for r4 card; all you need to know

Nintendo DS game downloads for r4 card enable you to make solid back ups of all your favourite games. They also help negate the need for carrying all of your cards and cartridges around with you.

It always feels like walking on thin ice when speaking about the r4 card. Some people have been known to use them for illegal purposes such as using content they don't own. There is no need to worry though, their purpose is to help you back up what you already have, as long as you stick to this, you are all good!

Basically the r4 card has become a real necessity for Nintendo DS users. It is the size of just one game card and can literally hold hundreds of titles. This makes gaming on the go a lot easier. Check it out for yourself (r4ds.me) online.

Basically you can download copies of the games you own from different websites online. These games are called ROMS. They are versions of the game that have been shrunk down and will boot from the r4 card.

The r4 card has a simple drag and drop interface making the transferral of data very easy. You can just throw whatever ROMS you have straight onto the card and they will work as soon as you plug it into your Nintendo DS.

You can get them virtually anywhere online but we found the best prices on the CTRL games (ctrlgames.com) website. They have a huge range of r4s in lots of different sizes and different prices. The best car has to be the R4i Ultra Adapter for Nintendo DSi / DS and this is priced at only £10 before delivery.

Nintendo DS game downloads for r4 card are a great way to backup up all of your favourite titles. If you are worried about loosing your DS games don't hesitate to get an r4 card!


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