Our guide to the best ways to get Nintendo download games

Are you a Nintendo console owner looking to grow your roster of available games with some Nintendo download games? As long as you have your Nintendo Wii hooked up to the internet, then there is a vast library of games out there available for you to download. In this blog, we are going to check out Nintendo's downloadable games service, and some of the gems that are available to download on there.

Nintendo's Wii console may lag a little behind the Playstation 3 and Xbox when it comes to online gaming, it more than matches their extensive library of downloadable games. To gain access to these games, simply connect your Wii to the internet and create an account. This gives you access to the huge range of titles available on the Wii Store. These are broken into "Virtual Console" titles, and "Wii Ware" games. The difference between the two is that Virtual Console games are old classics ported to the Wii, while Wii Ware games are brand new titles designed specifically to be downloaded and played on Wii.

The games you will find for download are generally priced at 400 points or 800 points. To get an idea of how much points cost, it is roughly £1 = 100 points, so games are extremely reasonably priced. To get an idea of what kind of games are available on there, we suggest pointing your browser at www.nintendo.com/wii/virtualconsole, this will show you the current roster of games, so you can start planning out your purchases!

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