Nintendo 3DS: New game console to look out for in 2012

Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console produced by the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo. This breakthrough hand-held entertainment system presents cutting-edge hardware technology that opens up a whole new world of gameplay possibilities. Its stereoscopic 3D upper screen display with eye-popping impressions of depth and space is only part of what makes the 3DS top console for in 2012.

Specifications of the 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS comes in blue and black colour schemes, over 4 inches screens and an impressive folding clamshell design. The console measures roughly 130x74x20 millimetres and weighs 230 grams, which is slightly heavier than its predecessor the Nintendo DS light at 218 grams.

The 3DS software is backward compatible with the Nintendo DS series software, meaning you can still play old DS games like the Nintendo DSi and some Game Boy Advance games on the new device if you have a large collection of old games.

Headline features

The 3DS features a host of built-in software like Mii Maker application, FaceRaiders and Nintendo 3DS Sound, robust wireless connectivity and greatly enhanced graphics that makes it truly remarkable. Its headline feature is its ability to display 3 dimensional (3D) graphics without the need for special 3Dglasses.

The 3DS’s breakthrough technology opens up a new way to play 3D that appeals to many gaming enthusiasts. A featured 3D Depth Slider allows you to determine how much 3D you want to see and greatly adds to gaming pleasure while Parental Controls enable you to restrict 3D mode for children 6 years and under.

Other features

Other features include one inner camera and two outer cameras with resolutions of 640x480 for each camera and single focus lens that use CMOS capture element that allow you to take crisp, clear 3D pictures and an adjustable stylus, 6AR cards. StreetPass and SpotPass wireless components also feature to give you more exclusive content connecting experience with other Nintendo users.

Overall assesment of the 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is smothered with acclaimed Nintendo charm that it is difficult to imagine you getting bored with the system. It delivers impressive features evolving or derived from its own DS product lines and the PlayStation Portable products designed to give superb gameplay on the go. It is, nonetheless, a good idea to compare the 3DS with competing consoles like Sony's PlayStation Vita to make an informed decision on the best hand-held game console for you.

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