Our guide to Nikon slr digital cameras

We all want our photographs to turn out great, possibly even of magazine quality. The only way of achieving this is to use a tool that can produce such quality. For this you will need a digital SLR camera.

Nikon SLR digital cameras are world renowned for doing this job better than any other. Nikon cameras come in a wide and varying range to suit all photographer’s individual needs. Whereas the Nikon Coolpix range caters for the point-and-shoot market, the Digital SLR cameras are loaded with highly advanced technological features that make the landscape stand out.

Nikon SLR digital cameras vary greatly in price depending on what you are looking for. The variety in price is excellent if you are looking for an entry level camera with which you can learn the trade. Most of the cameras come which a basic specification that blows the opposition out of the water.

Most Nikon SLR digital cameras come with 10.2-Megapixel Dx-format imaging or higher. They all have a split-second shutter response for lightning fast reaction to a crucial moment. All Nikon slr digital cameras come with scene modes and an in-camera image editing function, allowing you to experiment with your photos before returning to the office or home.

All Nikon SLR digital cameras include a minimum of 3x18-55mm Zoom-NIKKOR VR image stabilisation lens and an autofocus function. In this way Nikon are willing to give you some help when it’s needed but ultimately you have the control when it really matters.

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