Featuring the Nikon Coolpix P100

The feature packed Coolpix P100 is made for those looking for the best options from their compact camera. The nikon coolpix p100 is a third generation compact DSLR styled camera. The P100 is an improvement from the P99. The Nikon Coolpix P100 has improved its zoom range with a pixel of 460k. Furthermore, it has a 1080 pixel HD video mode. The P100 captures images on the CMOS (complementary metal?oxide?semiconductor) sensor for fast continuous shooting. The back illuminated sensor also allows video recording in high speed. Playing videos in the playback speed of 30fps produces super slow motion pictures.

Nikon P100

Nikon P100 has a textured plastic surface. The thumb rest on the device provides a groove which is form fitting for large and small hands. The rubber grip adds to more comfort when holding the device. The LCD screen has a high resolution compared to other Nikon camera models. Charging the battery of the Nikon P100 can be done from a computer or laptop through a mini-USB cable. There?s also a wall plug unit as well. The camera has a thumb dial on its rear side. This thumb dial is used to modify the camera settings.

Camera Frame

The camera framework is made of rubber. When the camera is turned on, the lens automatically extends. The camera features zoom controls, mode dial and a power button which is located at the top of the camera. On the rear panel, browsing and menu settings are showcased. You will also find the play, control keys, delete and other menu options. There are buttons on the view finder to change the display modes. You can choose options such as dedicated movie mode to record video. Also, you can choose to shoot HD quality movies and high-speed video through the menu settings.


The Nikon P100 is known to be slow when powering up. The shutter speed time is 2.8 seconds. When comparing to other cameras in the same category, the Nikon P100 does not perform well. When using flash, the shutter speed is increased to 3.3 seconds. The zoom function, however, offers a faster reaction time of 1.4 seconds. Images provide good color exposures when using the flash and produces quality video images.

Buying Decisions

Overall, the P100 is an improvement from its predecessor, which was the Nikon P99. Strong features such as the power zoom lens, high speed video and 460 pixel screen makes it a strong competitor in the Nikon brand of cameras. The nikon coolpix p100 is an affordable option, ranging from $50 to$100, if you choose to purchase.

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