Nikon Coolpix l22: Hassle- free photography

Nikon have made high quality photography possible for everyone in recent times. The Nikon Coolpix l22 is one of Nikon?s simple, affordable designs that allow the amateur photographer to explore the world of images and have fun.

The Nikon Coolpix l22 gives the user immense control over the way their photos are shot. It has a three-inch LCD screen to display controls and for instant view of your shot. The detail is pristine with 12- megapixels. The camera also conveniently takes AA batteries so you don't need to pop home to re-charge it.

Like most of the cameras in this class, the Nikon Coolpix l22 is a fully automatic point and shoot. However it does it slightly better. There are a multitude of features including scene-scape to choose from giving the user control over the outcome of the shot.

When you buy a camera at this price range it is generally for recreational use or to learn how to take good photographs. The Nikon Coolpix l22 ticks both of these boxes. It is durable, lightweight and exceptionally easy to use. Nikon have not complicated the interface in the slightest.

The camera boasts a 3.6x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom. The Nikon Coolpix l22 is also a very intuitive camera. It works actively to correct optical errors in any photograph you take. You will have ultimate control over the shot but Nikon offers a helping hand to the less experienced user, making sure you produce quality shot after quality shot.

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