Night vision camcorders for ghost hunting!

Whether you're a serious ghost hunter or just looking for some adventure, night vision camcorders are essential for ghost hunting. Some cameras come with an extra night vision filter, but for the best quality you'll need to find a camcorder that offers specialised night vision lenses or is specially designed with a night vision lens. You won't find night vision camcorders for ghost hunting for cheap, but you can find great value for money if you shop around for the best models.

Sony DCR-SR85 HDD Camcorder

Sony's DCR-SR85 high definition video camcorder comes with a NightShot setting and a massive 60GB internal hard drive. Coupled with high definition video quality and an effective NightShot mode, the night vision quality of the camcorder is rated as highly effective by users. Despite its large hard drive and mix of various settings, this camcorder is considerably compact and small in size. It retails at $549.99 (£330.40).

Panasonic HDC-TM300

The Panasonic TM models have a built in flash memory (32GB for the TM300 model) which make it lighter than hard drive models, enough for around four hours of quality footage to be recorded (and a SDHC slot card available if you need to record more footage). Like the Song DCR, Panasonic's TM300 comes with a night vision setting to record high quality video footage directly to memory. The Panasonic HDC-TM300 retails at around £830.

Canon XH A1

This model is quite expensive but is brilliant for entry-level professionals and film makers. The Canon XH A1 is highly customisable with various accessories available and a brilliant lens/optical stabiliser. The camcorder is also incredibly easy to use for its cost, with highly effective controls for movement during shoots, fast focus, exposure changes and white-balance adjustments. Coupled with extremely high quality video recording, the Canon XH A1's night vision lens adjustment is excellent for capturing high definition films in the dark. The current retail price for the Canon XH A1 is around £3000.

RZ Pro Thermal Camera

This camera is absolutely essential for serious paranormal investigators. It works as a still camera but also includes recording options in a light-weight handheld device. Images can be recorded in thermal imaging, allowing it to pick up pictures and paranormal activity that a normal night vision camcorder can't. Other features include thermal analysis, audio recording for commentary, integrated thermal and non-thermal imaging and multi-spot temperature measurements. The current price for the RZ Pro Thermal Camera is $3999.95 (£2474.45).

Canon Vixia HV40

The Canon Vixia HV40 is the newest upgrade to the Canon HV30 model, with some minor changes. The night vision and low-light recording performance of the camcorder is generally considered good, with sharp focus and strong colour saturation. The various options available on the camcorder also make it a great option if you're looking for standard night vision camcorders for ghost hunting. The retail price for the Canon Vixia HV40 is around £618.99.


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