Nick D’Aloisio

Never heard of Nick D’Aloisio? You will be hearing a lot more about this guy in the next few years. After growing up in Perth Nick is currently living in London where his mission is to make browsing faster with his new app Summly.

He created trimit (the technology sitting behind Summly) in March 2011 and garnered the attention of Apple who featured trimit as a New and Noteworthy application on the App Store in July 2011. As a result, he has also raised venture funding of $250,000 from the Hong Kong based billionaire Li Ka-shing. Ok, so far a rather standard account of a successful tech start up.

Summly had over 100,000 downloads in its first month of release from December 13 2011 and was App of the Week in the UK shortly afterwards. All good. And then comes the truly inspiring part. The little fact which makes the majority of people involved in anyway in the web/tech industry feel at the same time both mildly jealous and insanely proud. At the age of 15, when completed with Horizons Ventures, he was the youngest person in the world to raise venture capital. And here he is now, on stage with Mike Butcher at the London Web Summit. At the grand old age of 16.

One of the twitter comments circulating while he was speaking summed up the vibe: 'Mature, measured, intelligent, humble'.

And in his own words, looking at why he launched Trimit: 'I was using Google's search engine for my GCSE mock and found it quite inefficient'.

And amusingly from Steve O’Hear: 'I also turned down a pitch from Nick D'Aloisio, the Trimit guy. I don't always get it right'!

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