Nice Work

When the iPad was launched, at first everyone thought it was a nifty tool for web browsing, but not much else. Then Apple released the iPad version of iWork, its productivity suite - including the word processor Pages, the presentation tool Keynote and the spreadsheet tool Numbers - and we realised we were wrong. These were powerful, full-featured apps, not as sophisticated as their desktop counterparts but plenty complex enough for most people - and easy to use.

But those of us with iPhones (or iPods Touch) were left out of the fun... until now. Apple has just released iWork for iPhone. More specifically, it's upgraded Keynote, Pages and Numbers for iOS, and the new versions are 'universal' apps where the one-off $9.99 purchase gets you both the iPhone and iPad version.

So are they any good? Apparently so - InformationWeek calls them 'very easy to use and figure out.' One potential problem, though, is that unlike other such apps iWork won't load files from Google Docs or Dropbox, so it might not be of much use if you're used to doing that. But if you're a MobileMe user who uses iDisk, Apple's own file storage service, or if you're happy transferring documents over through iTunes, then you're onto a winner.

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