Nice in theory

In football, there have been technological advances, but mostly they are just tweaks on things that have existed in the game more or less since it became a popular spectator sport. Balls, Shinpads, boots (apart from the Predator – the one true innovation in the technology of football), studs, kits, whatever. Almost everything has just been making things lighter, or more durable, or both.

However, we’ve seen a natty couple of little videos (below) that could, in theory, change all that. By altering the structure of the ball and the material it’s made with, the (entirely conceptual) CTRUS football proffers brings a major technological change to the game. The reinforced elastic structure means that the ball doesn’t need any air, which eliminates the need for pumps, and the ability for cheaty teams to play around with air pressures. The ball also comes with an internal CPU, which keeps track of the ball's position at all times, lighting it a different colour when it goes out of play, or over the goal line (and apparently when a foul takes place, although we’re sceptical about that one).

Some people are claiming this will eliminate the need for refs and linesman, but they clearly don’t understand the game – it’s all very well and good knowing when the ball has gone out of play, but whose corner/throw is it? Who scored it? Who dishes out the punishments to the northern thugs kicking our poor dainty foreign playmakers? Exactly. It's a shame that the whole thing appears to be a front for a marketing firm...

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