N-Gage – the revenge

Hey! What if you could, like, play games, right, but – wait for it – NOT AT HOME? Wow. Nokia has decided that this “Donkey Kong” craze might be here to stay, and has made another attempt at getting a piece of the mobile gaming market with its N-Gage platform.

The platform was originally launched in 2003 with the focus on the controller itself, a sort of hybrid games console and phone, and despite selling over 2 million units since then it was generally seen as something of a disappointment.

This time round you don’t need to buy a dedicated phone – N-Gage games will work on the Nokia N81 at first, and later on other N-Series phones. And with gaming giant Electronic Arts on board there’ll probably be some decent titles. Paperboy and Frogger, here we come!

(Image: from zeroK’s flickr stream)

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